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the creator and her creations

Truthfully, all of this started as a means of coping with crippling anxiety and depression during a very dark and painful time.


I had lived my life according to what I thought was expected of me and in turn I expected it all to run smoothly down the track towards happily ever after.


Well, when my train crashed and all of my expectations went tumbling into a ravine, I had no idea how I was supposed to keep chugging along ...


The word "mala" means garland in Sanskrit.


Malas (sometimes called mala beads, yoga beads, or japa malas) have been used for thousands of years as a tool to support meditation.  


Just like you and I, ancient seekers and sages wrestled with their chattering minds during meditation and adopted the mala as a means of steadying their focus.... 




Getting acquainted :

I recommend wearing your mala as much as possible for the first couple of days you have it so that you can get acquainted with its energy....


Using your Miraculous Mala for meditation:

Malas are most commonly used to support japa (or mantra) meditation, which is a practice that involves the repetition of a mantra, prayer, or affirmation as a means of getting the mind to a meditative state....


The Guru Bead ​

The Guru bead sits just above the tassel and is usually slightly larger or a different shape than the other 108 beads.... I like to also consider them to be a beacon of the wisdom that the user seeks to gain through their own practice.


The Tassel 

There are a lot of explanations about why a tassel is used at the bottom of a mala and what it means. There are two that resonate most with me the most.....

108 Beads

The number 108 is recognized for its significance across number of religions, cultures, and traditions. Not surprisingly, the nature of that significance varies between those traditions, religions, and cultures....


Crystal Care

Clearing your crystals

Think of the crystals on your mala as tiny energetic sponges. To ensure they are always serving you to the greatest extent possible, regular clearing is a great idea. Clearing your mala will eliminate any negative or low quality energy it might have picked up in the world...


Charging your crystals

Just like you and your favorite electronics, your crystals need to recharge every now and then. No plugs necessary, just the sun and moon!

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