Every single Miraculous Mala is individually designed and hand-tied.  I have had the great privilege of learning about the power of crystals and energetically aligned materials through my own experience and study and I developed this shop to share this power with others. We will choose the materials for your mala based upon the information that comes up during your personal crystal consultation.  The mantra or affirmation that will be infused into each knot will be selected to enhance the potential of the stones and connect you to your meditation practice  and/or intention. If you have a particular totem or deity that you would like the mala to be connected to, I will select a mantra that can facilitate that connection. Once I source the materials for your mala I meditate with them and draw from them a design that will serve you aesthetically and energetically. 

Custom Crystal Malas

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  • Malas are made of a combination of semi-precious gemstones; crystals; minerals; seeds; wood; metal beads; and sometimes bone. Malas are tied on either silk, nylon, wire, or a combination of threads depending on your preference. Malas are finished with either a tassle; a charm; a focal bead or a combination of these also depending on your preference.