All of the magic of a Miraculous Mala now available in wrist malas!

Created with the same meditative energy and intention as full-size Miraculous Malas, these bracelets offer the same beautiful benefits for your energy, your meditation, and your spirit.  Once you place your order, I will reach out to you to schedule your crystal consultation, which will help me choose the materials that are best suited for you and your intentions. After I choose the materials for your mala I meditate with them and draw from them a design that will serve you aesthetically and energetically.


Each knot I tie on your mala is infused with a mantra or affirmation that has been selected to enhance the potential of the crystals and connect you to your meditation practice and/or intention. If you have a particular totem or deity that you would like the mala to be connected to, I will select a mantra that can further facilitate that connection.


Wrist malas are an excellent option for wearable diffusers. If you wish to incorporate aromatherapy into your mala and meditation practice, I can incorporate diffuser beads into your custom bracelet along with the Doterra essential oil(s) that will best support you in your practice.


Sizing: All mala bracelets are adjustable, so sizing is really estimated based on wrist circumference and can be further customized if needed: 

  • Small - recommended for wrists 6.5in and smaller 
  • Medium - recommended for wrists between 6.5 - 7.5in 
  • Large - recommended for wrists larger than 7.5in


Please note: The number of beads on each bracelet varies based on wrist size and type/size of beads used. Miraculous Malas are built upon the 108 bead tradition so every bracelet will be some deriviative of 108, usually 9, 12, or 18 so that it can be used as a full mala. If you have a different prayer practice that you would like your bracelt to reflect, please let me know. 

Custom Crystal Wrist Malas

$50.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price