Love crafts? Love malas? This kit incudes EVERYTHING you need to make your own Miraculous Mala (including exclusive tutorial videos), PLUS, this one has been specifcally customized for you based upon your personal crystal consultation with Katie! 


Malas are wonderful tools for supporting your meditation practice, but the art of making a mala is itself extremely meditative!  Your consult will ensure that the design and materials for your Miraculous Mala are perfectly aligned with your energetic intentions. Katie will also provide a suggested mantra that you can say while making your mala, so that each knot you tie will be infused with that energy.  


What's included??

  • Product card explaining energetic quality of each stone and their collective meaning; 
  • Suggested mantra;
  • Enough beads to complete your custom mala design (and a few extra just in case); 
  • Knotting string;
  • Handmade tassel; 
  • Miraculous Mala charm;
  • Roll-up bead board to take anywhere you go; 
  • Two custom Miraculous Mala canvas zipper bags to keep your kit organized and transportable; 
  • Needle nose pliers for knotting; 
  • Paolo Santo bundle + selenite beads to clear you and your beads before you start working and then as often as you like;
  • Exclusive access to Miraculous Mala video tutorials.

Custom DIY Miraculous Mala Kit