Protective Auric Sheild ~ energetic boundaries ~ Empowerment ~ Peace

(Black Tourmaline and Olivewood) 


Black Tourmaline is unique in its protective qualities in that it not only creates a solid auric shield against negative energies and energetic pollutants (like radiation), but it also supports the creation of energetic boundaries. In doing so, this stone protects your energy from being unnecessarily depleted, while at the same time ensures you do not take on energy that does not serve you from others. Black Tourmaline also serves as a protector from your own negative thoughts or internal conflicts, and transforms them into positive, useable energy.


While providing protection, Black Tourmaline also delivers a sense of empowerment through its strong grounding properties. The capacity of this stone to connect us to the earth gives us a sense of alignment and self-assuredness.


The Olive Tree has long been recognized as a symbol of peace and life. Olivewood is thought to promote peacefulness and joy in ones life, while offering a sense of connection to divine inspiration and insight.


Peace and Protection