Aromatic Sandalwood and Gold Rutilated Quartz 


This gorgeous combination of wood and stone gives rise to an unparalleled energetic blend that will support you in your meditation practice and help you uncover your greatest potential. 


Sandalwood carries an incredibly soothing earth energy that is at once grounding and uplifting for the mood. The wood provides a beautiful sense of calm, which is further complimented by its natural aroma. Sandalwood provides incredible support for meditation, and for this reason is very commonly used in traditional mala beads. The sandalwood used to create this mala comes from a shop operated by and for the widows of Vrindavan, India. (Click here for more information about this organization)


Gold Rutilated Quartz is fabled to be sprinkled with the dust of angels and is thus, considered to be an incredible tool for connecting with the divine. The gold threads that shoot through each piece of quartz are like energy particles bouncing around a crystal ball that holds the key to your highest potential. Meditating by focusing on the crystals themselves and bringing to mind your greatest intentions, is a great way to use these beads. When paired with aromatic sandalwood, you are empowered to dive deep into your meditation and receive the divine guidance intended for you. 


Use this mala to develop your meditation practice and support your exploration of your spiritual endeavors, or wear it as a reminder of the potential for growth, peace, and intuition that is always within you.


Suggested Mantra: Sat Nam  (extended Nam)


This mantra from the Kundalini tradition can be translated as "I am truth" or "truth is my identify" but its meaning is more deeply understood as a practice of self-reflection, discovery of our own truth, and recognition of universal oneness. 


Suggested Pranayama: Link Sat to every inhale and Nam to every extended exhale


Root Down to Rise Up