Cleansing ~ Steadying ~ Promoting Clarity & Meditation

(Smokey Quartz, Sandalwood, Clear Quartz)


Smokey Quartz is recognized as one of the most powerful cleansing and detoxifying stones in the crystal realm. It's energy provides a unique balance of energy that supports us in letting go and clearing out that which does not serve us, while stepping into our highest potential.


Combining this powerful energy of change with the soothing energy of natural Sandalwood, delivers an unparalleled combination of support and stimulus. Sandalwood provides a soft earthy energy that is at once grounding and uplifting and its natural aroma supports meditation and assists in clearing the mind. This steadying element provides a solid foundation from which we can feel safe and supported in moving through change.


Clear Quartz amplifies the energy of the Smokey Quartz it surrounds and  promotes clarity around what it is we need to let go of while lighting our path forward. Clear Quartz also supports a sense of calm and healing through the renewal.

Spiritual Detox