Miracles ~ Growth ~ Healing ~ New Beginnings ~ Self-Discovery

(Labradorite, Moss Agate, Clear Quartz, Natural Sandalwood


This mala was specifically curated to reflect the energy of the Wildheart Yoga community and represent our intentions for all. This particular combination of stones and wood provide a unique blend of energies that helps us see the beauty and magic within ourselves and those around us, so that we can courageously take on new challenges and cultivate change collaboratively. Labradorite combines with Clear Quartz and Moss Agate to promote a nourishing and healing energy, through which we can discover ourselves and the miracles within us. Natural Sandalwood contributes a soft earth energy that provides a soothing and supportive foundation from which we can continue to grow and plant seeds of abundance.


Each knot is tied and infused with the energy of the sanskrit mantra "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu," which is roughly translated as "may all beings everywhere be wild, happy, and free." These words serve as a reminder of our connection to each other and to the world around us.


This mala contains 108 beads with a Labradorite marker bead at the nape of the neck. This 109th bead  can hold your intention and be a gentle reminder of the miraculous potential you hold within.


The sandalwood used in this mala is sourced from Mahima Creations, which is a social enterprise that supports  widows of Vrindivan, Indian by providing job opportunities, training, and sustainable wages.

WildHeart Mala