A new take on the Cool, Calm, and Conscious mala, designed exclusively for YourMomCares. YourMomCares collaborates with carefully vetted partners to expand the field of mental wellness, creating and funding innovative, cutting edge programs and finding solutions which have a direct impact on kids and adolescents, ages 5 to 26. In addition to these strategic partnerships, #ymc’s Mobile Moms Fund allows us to quickly go where the need is greatest (as moms always do!) to fund work being done to address a variety of pediatric emergencies.


25% of all proceeds for this Mala will go to YourMomCares to support their incredible mission.


This Miraculous Mala incorporates the healing power of Amethyst into the gorgeous combo of Rainbow Fluorite, Lepidolite Quartz, and Opalite that defined the original Cool, Calm, and Conscious mala.  This blend of energies will ease your anxiety, calm your nerves, help you release anger and negativity, and open up your mind in a way you never thought possible. 


Rainbow Fluorite combines the energy of green, blue, clear, purple, and sometimes yellow fluorite. The energy is uniquely grounding and ascending at once, so it provides a balance between physical stability and spiritual release. It offers clarity where there is chaotic thought and opens you up to intuitive insights. An amazing power source for the third-eye/6th chakra, rainbow flourite has the power to help you connect to higher level of consciousness and leave behind the woes and stresses of daily life. Added bonus, this stone is extremely protective for your energetic body. 


Lepidolite Quartz is also an incredible stabilizer, offering relief from anxiety, stress, and depression. Though it is primarily a third-eye stone, it works across all chakras to cultivate balance and harmony. In the process of eliminating stress, it also offers the kind of peace and comfort that is required to ease into a deep state of meditation. Lepidolite Quartz also has an incredible capacity to replace those negative feelings of fear and doubt (associated with stress and depression) with positivity, optimism, and a willingness to take a different approach to life.


Opalite (one of the few man-made stones I incorporate in Miraculous Malas) is known to be an all around healer that supports transition, our ability to communicate our hidden feelings/needs, and meditation. In shifting your mind state, opalite provides balance and encourages persistence in your endeavors while providing a sense of serenity. 


Amethyst activates spiritual awareness and serves as a natural tranquilizer to eliminate rage, sadness, and irritability. This deep purple stone is thought of mostly as a protective stone in its ability to purify the mind and clear it of negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. Amethyst activates the crown chakra and is thus also credited with opening our minds to divine wisdom and intuition.


Suggested Mantra: Om Shanti Om 

This mantra invites peace into your life. Each knot of every YourMomCares mala is infused with this mantra. You are welcome to adopt this mantra in using your mala for meditation, or feel free to attach your own mantra or affirmation to your practice.

YourMomCares Mala