Beautiful words from beautiful people


- Kate,

NYC  Fashion Professional and Lifelong Yogini

“Katie has an incredibly powerful spirit and connectivity to people and their needs. She channels that into her mala making and customizes each element based on the energy you so need and crave (even if you don’t know it!). Her Miraculous Malas are aesthetically beautiful, unique and charged with everything she represents — warmth, love, positivity, grace and energy.”

"The wisdom and healing energy in this mala is greater than I have ever felt in all my decades of chanting with malas. I can totally feel the energy embedded in each stone and knot.... In fact, it is so powerful that when I was working with a client and using the mala to spin energy (as I do often) and from across the room she felt it and said 'I don't know what you're doing but something is definitely releasing.' I was 5 feet away from her using just intent and my Miraculous Mala! I also chant really hard daily sometimes three times a day and my mala has not fallen apart...most of my others only last me a month or two.  The love and care put into this mala are very evident and it was thoughtfully designed to suit me.

I'm a serious chanter,  healer, and Yogi, this is one of my favorite tools and I will treasure it. I highly recommend a consult with Katie as she can guide you on practice as well as Crystal selection."

- Nidhi Huba,

Crystal Yoga Healer and Founder of AumHome and BlissBabes Retreats ( &


- Rivka,

Chief of Staff for the Give Back Foundation

This piece was given to me by a dear friend and I can tell you it is now not only my favorite piece of jewelry but a comfort and my favorite dowsing tool. I have literally had people try to take it off of my neck and exclaim that they 'must have it!' I am so grateful that Katie has a Miraculous Malas website now so that I can send them to it and get their hands off my mala!

I am more than happy to write a testimonial as to my beautiful mala made for me by the truly loving Katie! The passion put into making this mala shines through the stones and thread knotted with careful and loving intention. A mala is a truly powerful piece of art used for meditation and mantra recitation; and the respect and intention put into crafting my mala is evident! A mala made by Miraculous Malas is an amazing gift for yourself or another person :)!

- Naomi,

Nurse by day magical Restorative Yoga Instructor by night 


“I was in my yoga class, and from across the room I saw someone wearing this outstandingly gorgeous Mala. I had to get off my mat to walk over and ask where she got it. As it turns out, she was the creator of this beaut! We chatted for a few, and then exchanged info. We later connected and Katie sent me this nifty form with a few questions about my yoga practice, simple life questions, and what my intentions for the Mala were. I also completed the intake form on my mother's behalf, as I was having Katie make a Mala for her too. In about 2-3 weeks time, Katie presented me with 2 unbelievable custom made Malas. They were a mix of aromatic sandalwood, vibrant gemstones, and hand-made tassels. The colors, and design were perfection. She offered a card with a detailed description of all the stones and materials used, along with an explanation for why and how they connect to the intention of Mala. She also included a Mantra to practice and meditate with, which also tied to the intention and construction of the Mala. And last but not least, the Malas were packaged beautifully, completing the task of offering the best gift to yourself or someone you love. Katie is a dream, and joy to work with. My mother and I wear them almost everyday, like best friend bracelets (but a little more grown up and beautiful), and will cherish these Malas for eternity.”

- Francesca,

Yoga Instructor/ Dance Goddess 

“On paper I might be Katie's most difficult client....brand new to meditation and also her husband! However, having hesitantly agreed to allow Katie to make me my first mala, I now do not go anywhere without it on. She knew the stones and materials that would be helpful for me and matched them with my (unhelpful and vague) color requests to create my favorite possession today. 


I meditate with it everyday and it gives me an incredible sense of comfort in times of stress or uncertainty. My wonderful wife has such an incredible artistic talent that is combined with a rare, unique ability to really hear what people are telling her they want and need. I look forward to sharing this wonderful journey and hearing of all the joy she brings to others like me. "

- Richard,

VP Business Development (and husband to a mala maker)


I love my miraculous mala so much and the experience of Katie creating it especially for me was very meaningful. I keep it at my desk, wear it or just hold it in my hand and feel it's beautiful energy. What I love most is giving a Miraculous Mala as a gift - it's so special to have Katie create a one of a kind piece for a loved one - it's my favorite thing to give!

- Tamar,

Katie is a gem of a human being. I am inspired by her story and how the changes she knew she needed to make in life, led her to her purpose. Katie is a master of her craft; creating magnificent personalized malas and empowering others with the knowledge and gift of this powerful and supportive tool and practice.

- Rachel,


Holy Heavens and THANK YOU for the creation that is Miraculous Malas. I am calling for assistance as I walk through my karmic allotment and this intuited mala made for me is just perfect! Katie nailed it intuitively without a whole song and dance about "where I'm at in life." If you are in need of some spiritual support check out Miraculous Malas and gift yourself the gift of ALIGNMENT.

- Tess,

I took up meditation a few years ago in an effort to calm frayed nerves and recenter myself. I have gone through several commercially bought malas but was looking for something more. When I found Kate, I didn’t tell her what I wanted or was looking for. Instead, I asked her to fashion something with whatever materials and energy she believed would help me most. The results were amazing. It is my most cherished possession, travels with me everywhere I go, and I love the energy it carries. I chant on it at least daily (sometimes a couple times a day) and it brings me such peace and calm. The product card with a detailed explanation of the crystals is an extra touch and reminder of the energy and purpose.

- Rob,